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Face Off Ready

The ONLY set play in hockey is the face-off. High level coaches and players spend a huge amount of time focusing on how to get a win off the draw. Here is Detroit Red Wings coach Derek LaLonde expaining a simple technique (being "face-off ready") that pays huge dividends and will help players make teams and get onto the power play and penalty kill lines. Great job by Eric, Liam and Miles being "face off ready"!!

The Firehawk is Right!

What happens when you ask a few talented players to "come on up" to the 7th grade team? They ALL score goals and you win 6-4. Bob Barker and Rod Roddy cover the action in the recent win over Nipmuc. Congrats to our call-ups Miles, Will, and Martti!

Firehawks reach "NEW HEIGHTS"!!

We had some AMAZING Firehawk hockey this past weekend to close out the parity rounds.

Great plays were made by all of the players, and we continue to have fun, learn, and grow as players!

Are Jason and Travis Kelce fans of the Firehawks? Tune in to find out!

Don Granato on the Roosters

Don Granato is a lot of things (D1 captain and national champ at Wisconsin, amazing coach - including a stint at the USNTDP, cancer survivor, brother of Cammi and Tony Granato)...but is he also a huge Rooster fan? Watch this week's film recap to find out!

"The Roosters Abide"

Week 1 is here! Do we have film? Of course we do!

There were amazing plays by all of our Roosters this week. Here are some of the best plays!

Stay tuned for our "Rooster of the Week"!

Secret Sauce Revealed

You don't need to be on ice to get better at hockey...all you need is know the recipe to the secret sauce!! Luke B. showing us how it's done!!

Never Too Old To Learn!!

When Coach Luke showed Coach Luke how to do the "Beddard" shot...well, the reaction says it all!

A Rooster is never too old to learn!!

June 24th: Boyle and Whiffleball kickoff event

Wow - June 24th will be a day to remember! We started at 9AM at Mike Boyle's gym for a great team workout led by Courtney and Cam, and then went to "Mini-Fenway" Field of Dreams for a whiffleball tournament!

Did Al Michaels really do our play by play? Do you believe in Miracles!?

Who Will Bring the Cup Home??

When the man who has guarded the Stanley Cup for decades (Phil Pritchard) says he thinks you might get your name on the Cup...It's time to start hitting pucks!! Let's Go Roosters!!!!

Introducing The Dryland Development Project

The video that started it all!

If you've ever wondered what youth hockey development could look like, and SHOULD look like - you've come to the right place!

We Talking About Practice?

Yes...we are talking about practice. Let's check in with the Roosters and see what they are doing at home to get better!

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