Players of the Week

Congrats Liam!!

Liam put on a clinic on how to work hard and compete off-puck. He is buzzing around the ice all shift, creating plays, and influencing the play of everyone around him.

Congrats AARON Z!!

Did Aaron's play in weeks 2 and 3 leave Jamie speechless? Tune in to Rooster TV's "Rooster of the Week" ceremony to find out.

Aaron is showing grit, determination, Hockey IQ, and a non-stop desire to be an active Defenseman in the O-Zone.

He's a huge part of the reason why his Bantam AA team is sitting atop the VHL standings at 6-1 with a +30 during the parity round.

Congratulations Miles D!!

Wow. What a way to start the season!

Our Rooster of the Week for week 1 (Sept 9/10) is Miles D!

Miles put on a habit and detail "Masterclass" of elite hockey IQ.

If Jamie Kompon ever broke down film for would look something like this.

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