Summer Skills Sessions

2024 Kickoff Event: Rooster Night Live!

Improv and Hockey are both games that require all participants to be on the same page. To communicate. To listen. To set aside ego and embrace the power of a group dynamic. You get better at will get better at the other.

Week 4 Preview: Turn N Burn!!

This week is all about protecting that puck and BURNING the competition! We will learn evasive tactical skating moves that will leave your opponents in the dust!

Week 2 Recap: Tactical Skating!

Being a great skater means more than simply having straight stride speed. You need to be able to use linear crossunders, speed changes, and speed differentials to "create heels" on your defenders to catch them in bad angles, twisting them into awkward spots.

Week 2: Tactical Skating

  • Acceleration
  • Change of Speed
  • Linear Crossovers
  • Zone Entry

This week's promo video is a master class from Darryl Belfry (hockey's premier development coach whose clients include Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, John Tavares, and Auston Matthews) explaining what tactical skating is, why it is important, and going over NHL video clips explaining tactical skating put to use in game situations.

We will be doing drills to develop these skills this week.

Below is a Word Document with the annotated timestamps for this video.

Week 1 - July 11: Mohawk Turns

Seldom seen in the 1980's, "Mohawk Turns" are now a must-have tactical skating technique for any aspiring hockey player. They are used to evade defenders and protect the puck through traffic. Players wanting to see more can study Sidney Crosby and Cale Makar.

Week 1 Recap video

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