Firehawk 5th/6th Grade NESC

Welcome to the Firehawks!

The Firehawks are a Natick-based youth hockey program that aims to prepare all players for the rigors of High School Varsity competition.

These teams are slightly different from typical youth hockey teams in that:

  • We aim to have a full bench (3-4 lines of forwards and 2-3 lines of defensemen)
  • We aim to keep time on ice to recommended intervals (~60 second shift length) so that players can skate fast and not "pace" themselves.
  • These teams are a chance for Natick players to get to know their classmates and peers who they will be playing with during their high school years.


What aged players are appropriate for this program?

We are targeting 5th and 6th grade, but we are aware that a few 7th grade players might be on the roster.


What time of the year does this program run?

The season runs from Oct-Feb and consists of 16 games. They are typically on Saturday or Sunday evenings.


Where are practices and games typically held?

There are NO practices for this team.

ALL games are played at NESC in Marlboro


Why are there no practices?

These players mostly play for underlying town or club teams. This is a "games only" league and is designed for Natick middle school players to have a chance to all come together and skate under the FIREHAWK jersey.

Firehawk 5th/6th Grade NESC

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